Top with prosecco and soda water.

And dare we say it: it makes this classic cocktail even better.

Start by adding the mint sprig in the glasses then add the St. .



It’s bubbly and effervescent, with the floral undertones and the zing of fresh lemon juice. Top with prosecco and soda water. Aug 4, 2015 · Pour 4 ounces dry Prosecco or other sparkling white wine into an icefilled large wine or rocks glass.

1/2 ounce (1 tablespoon) St.

Strain into a Bordeaux-style wine glass over ice, then top with equal parts prosecco and garnish with a lemon twist. Add more elderflower liqueur for sweetness as desired. To make a party-sized batch cocktail, add 2 cups of elderflower liqueur, such as St-Germain, to a pitcher.

. Add ice.

Aug 4, 2021 - Enjoy the fresh, captivating flavour of St-Germain elderflower liqueur.

Germain & Prosecco.

The St-Germain Cocktail employs a similar strategy as the Aperol Spritz. To a wine glass, add 3 cucumber slices and the juice from your orange.

Add a few more cucumber slices, a few orange slices and a sprig of thyme to the glass. St-Germain $29.

Fill a glass with ice cubes, then pour in the elderflower liqueur.


This bottle of fancy liqueur should be part of your alcohol arsenal: it's perfect for cocktails of all kinds! Made with: St.

Add more elderflower liqueur for sweetness as desired. Dec 31, 2018 · A Sparkling Elderflower Cocktail with St. .

Gently twist a lemon peel on top of your drink and add edible flowers (optional). . Made with elderflower liqueur, gin or vodka, and lemon, this cocktail is topped with a. May 19, 2023 · This Prosecco cocktail is a spin on the classic French 75 that adds St Germain elderflower liqueur. Top with 3 ounces of Prosecco and 1 ounce club soda.

Jun 1, 2022 · Simply use 1 (750ml) bottle of Prosecco, 10 ounces of elderflower liqueur, 4 ounces of fresh lemon juice and 8 ounces of sparkling water.

Top with a splash of prosecco. .


Combine gin, St.

May 23, 2023 · Instructions.

Add more elderflower liqueur for sweetness as desired.

8 mint leaves +2.